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About us

We are graduates from Warsaw University's renown Department of Philosophy and Sociology. In addition, many of our employees have attended various training courses and seminars on market research and methods of analyzing statistical data.

We have many years' experience in both quality and quantity market research.

In particular, we offer:

  • Professional press market research

  • Pharmaceutical industry research

  • Educational services

Recently we have extended our experience on IT market as a result of essential support from companies with which we cooperate.

Agnieszka Borowiec

Agnieszka graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy and Sociology at Warsaw University in 1994. For a number of years she has been dealing with quality and quantity research, working as a market research specialist, research project manager and researcher for the market research agencies ABR Opinia, TNS OBOP and Sequence HC Partners. Now she is preparing her doctorate on health sociology. She is a quantitative research expert. e-mail: ab(at)pbj.com.pl



Elżbieta Połczyńska-Fałkowska

Elżbieta graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy and Sociology at Warsaw University in 1994. At the beginning of her professional career, she worked as a Research Manager in IQS. For eight years she worked for Opinia ABR, specializing in press market research. Since March 2003 she has been carrying out quality and quantity research for Archibald Language School. Recently, she has dealt with surveys of the pharmaceutical market. Her interests include the sociology of tourism. She is an expert in quality research and is the President of PBJ Market Research. e-mail: epf(at)pbj.com.pl

Paweł Załęski

M.A. in sociology at the Warsaw University, Faculty of Philosophy and Sociology. Now completing Ph.D. on discourse analysis at Polish Academy of Science. Visiting researcher at New School for Social Research in New York. Long experience in marketing, especially pharmaceutical branch clients. Publishing in Sociological Studies, Political Studies, Culture and Society. Interested in a sociology of social change. Specializing in
a quantitative research. e-mail: pz(at)pbj.com.pl


Key Industry Partners

  • We work closely with experienced market research experts with extensive practice in various research agencies

  • We work closely with a nationwide network of professionally-trained interviewers

  • All interviewers and research supervisors participate in the very latest training techniques

  • Our interviewers and other experts are constantly checked

Associated Companies

PNG System was established in 2003 in response to demanding customers' growing need for professional software. PNG System deals with information services involving consulting, analysis and software creation. Among its customers are Nokia Poland, Evolution, Łódz and Michał Urbaniak.

IT-Consulting has been dealing with implementing new technologies and products from IT companies since 1991, as well as creating product strategies. The Company carries out analyses of the IT market on a day-to-day basis, and measures the impact of developments in management methods on information technologies. At the moment, its key specialization is preparing business models for customers and preparing them for new IT implementation.


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