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PBJ Market Research

We are a market research agency run by sociologists with extensive professional experience and practice in market research.


  • We treat each client individually, according to their specific needs

  • We can offer highly competitive prices because we keep our office and administration costs to a minimum

  • We ensure a high-quality of work at an international level

  • We guarantee that we use the most up-to-date professional technical equipment and provide the highest level of expertise

  • We guarantee that we will always meet deadlines

  • Not only do we carry out full research projects, but we also undertake individual tasks, such as preparing questionnaires and reports, analyzing statistical data, and interviewing focus groups (FGI), etc.

  • We can provide atypical market research, e.g. small or specific target groups-based

  • We guarantee concise and exact research conclusions and recommendations useful in making strategic business decisions

  • We can prepare an obligation-free proposal tailored to your needs, including quotations and deadlines, usually within seven days

  • Moreover, market research expenses can be refunded from EU financial resources under the “Increase of Entities’ Competitiveness” Programme (Action 2.3). Depending on the region of Poland, this refund may be as high as 50% of the costs of studies made for research and development purposes.We can also assist in preparing applications for a subvention (subsidy).

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