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When undertaking a research project, we provide:    

  • Assistance in identifying the clients research needs

  • A selection of the best research methods and techniques from the clients point of view

  • The preparation of a research tool, i.e. a questionnaire in the case of quantitative research, and a scenario in the case of qualitative research

  • A selection of an adequate sample for quantitative research

  • The recruitment of respondents for qualitative research

  • The realization of outdoor quantitative research through a nationwide network of professional interviewers

  • The realization of qualitative research in a special lab equipped with audio and video

  • The opportunity to observe the course of FGI research

  • Supervision of the interviewers work

  • The preparation of a database and statistical analysis of quantitative data

  • An interpretation of materials gathered through the application of qualitative methods

  • The production of a final report

  • The presentation of results

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